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Remington 597 Threaded Barrel End for Non-Threaded Muzzles With No Front Sight - Black

Remington 597 Threaded Barrel End for Non-Threaded Muzzles With No Front Sight - Black

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Convert your non-threaded barrel to a standard 1/2-28 thread for all your end-of-barrel accessories. If you want to get the full fun factor out of your Remington 597, you need to be able to mount any 1/2-28 threaded accessory such as a muzzle brake, flash suppressor, compensator, sound suppressor or any other legal thing you like.

This will only fit the standard 5/8 inch diameter barrel. 5/8 inch =.625 or 15.9mm

This thread adapter easily attaches to the factory finished plain muzzle. The largest diameter is a little larger than the current A2 Birdcage and similar flash suppressors.

*** If you can measure your barrel, please do so with calipers or a micrometer and send that measurement in an email after you finish your purchase. Remington is very consistent, but we want to make sure this item fits correctly before it is shipped to you. ***

If you don't measure it and the adapter does not fit, you will have to pay return shipping , plus there will be a $20.00 fee for custom machining, shipping and handling.

This item is a lot less expensive than going to a machinist or gunsmith. You can install it yourself in minutes, and it can be taken off quite easily. If you do want to thread your barrel later, the installation marks will be machined away. You can screw our FAKE Tactical Suppressors on for the regular suppressor look.


  • Black oxide finish for years of trouble free service.
  • This may fit other barrels, but is intended solely for the Remington 597 plain muzzle with no front sight.
  • Designed, developed, and manufactured in the USA.
  • Free custom machining on your initial order

Note: You will need to purchase the end-of-barrel accessory and crush washer separately.

It is your responsibility to know and follow all Federal, State, and local laws, rules, regulations, restrictions and legislation about purchasing/owning/using this product.
Above all else, be safe and have fun.